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We live in a time where integrity, flexibility and honesty is crucial for start up labels like us at LOUAL. We are and should be seeing more sustainable, small brands cropping up. Mindful design is here to stay.

To us at LOUAL, sustainability is MINDFUL DESIGN, QUALITY and MINDSET.



We believe that any product developed must deserve the resources, the time and the energy needed to make it. Therefore all of our products are and will be based on items that have been loved and deemed hero items worn again and again in ours and friends' wardrobes. We are anti fast fashion and anti fast homeware. We create versatile items to become long term favourites, to share, pass down and treasure.

Our bespoke offering is there to deliver exactly the items you want and need. Unique, precious and cherished items for home or wardrobe whether it be custom sizing, specific colour ways or a completely new style, we are up for the challenge.



High quality materials, components and manufacturing is at the heart of LOUAL's process. Our first collection is made with 100% Irish Linen, a beautiful and sustainable fabric flooded with heritage and expertise, woven in Northern Ireland. Read more about how wonderful linen is here.

Every component that goes into our products are chosen with sustainability and ethics at the forefront and come from mindfully chosen companies across the UK. Some of these components are:

Contrast Threads

Our signature contrast threads are made from recycled PET bottles giving another life to the materials that have already been processed and put into the world while retaining the strength needed in seams and hems. We will continue to trial other sustainable thread options such as Tencel™, a natural alternative.

Corozo Buttons

Our buttons are made by Courtney & Co, a fine button makers with a long and rich history of button making in England. Corozo is the nut of the Tagua tree which grows in equatorial rainforests of Central America and these buttons are made from the highest grade of Corozo from Ecuador. Courtney & Co use environmentally friendly dyes and polishing media, they are biodegradable and traceable.

Eco Elastic

Where elastic is used in our straight leg trouser, we have chosen an Oeko Tex® certified option made from 65% organic cotton + 35% natural rubber -  a responsible alternative to conventional synthetic elastics. It is biodegradable and has a longer lifespan.

Printed Goods

All our printed materials (swing tags, postcards and business cards) are made with a printing studio based in Nottingham who we trust dearly with prioritising high quality alongside being environmentally mindful (they were also our neighbours when we lived in Notts!) We use an FSC, made in UK paper stock which contains 40% recycled coffee cup fibre.


Our tissue paper is 99% recycled pulp; compostable stickers are 95% sugarcane fibres + 5% hemp/linen; mailers are from Wastebased, they are carbon negative, compostable and made from corn starch; boxes are 75% recycled cardboard and are recyclable.


Our brand and care labels are made from 100% recycled polyester yarns. They are Oeko Tex® certified and will not fray due to the way the edges are finished. 

Manufacturing Partner

For the making of our products we wanted to find a supplier that fit these three criteria's: 1 - A small business, with the flexibility and supportiveness of working with start ups whilst striving to build a great and growing relationship. 2 - A clean, airy, environmental space producing high end pieces with highly skilled professionals that are paid competitively. 3 - A manufacturers in close proximity to LOUAL's home where cycling would be the main mode of transportation where possible for visits, pick ups and drop offs.


"Our team is very close knit and are paid fairly and competitively. They are able to work flexible hours in order to ensure they have a good work life balance. We believe a happy team, is a stronger and more efficient team." Manufacturing Studio Manager




LOUAL was born out of a need for home and clothing products as we moved into our first home during the global pandemic. Pieces that conjured a feeling of oneness with our living space.  Coming out of this time, we have learnt a great deal about the importance of stepping back and realising what is important in our lives - our loved ones, our homes and community spirit.


We wanted to be able to offer beautiful and quality driven clothes and homeware where our customer can trust they have been designed, developed and made with sustainability at the core. This, to us, includes not only sustainable materials and fair trade manufacturing but also being intelligent throughout the entire design and development stages. Some of these efforts include taking time to ensure we consume less waste in pattern cutting and toiling, zero waste pattern cutting for our homeware, cycling as our main mode of transport, minimal amounts of printing, reusing all packaging, returning all plastic and hangers to our manufacturers to be used again and one the most important parts to owning a sustainable business; honesty, good ethics and working with other like minded people.

LOUAL products aim to fill rooms and bodies with radiance, emotion and warmth. We hope that our products can also bring joy through gifts with a conscience as well as hoping that you, our customer, can reach out and talk to us about new products, what you find difficult to find perfect versions of, discussions on sustainability, how to best care and mend products, sharing other artists work and so much more. We will always be open for a conversation.

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