LOUAL launches as we approach our new post pandemic world. A summertime for colour, joy and exuberance. Equally important, a time where integrity, flexibility and honesty is crucial for start up labels like us at LOUAL. Mindful design is here to stay.

In June, 2021, LOUAL presents a collection of clothing alongside household textiles designed to merge into one world, one living space. A complementary relationship created to conjure a feeling of oneness with our homes.

Pieces are made in East London, at a small manufacturer, a 2 mile cycle from LOUAL HQ which is currently home in Upton Park, East London.

The first collection is all made with 100% Irish Linen, a beautiful and sustainable fabric flooded with heritage and expertise, woven in Northern Ireland.

LOUAL values small business across the UK, mindfully choosing everyone we work with and every component going into the pieces.

LOUAL's founder is Christina Chin and LOUAL was born when she and partner, Jacob, bought their first home together and began to make products for home and wardrobe to share and live in.

Items in the collection are designed to be as versatile as they are vibrant. Pieces to share and use in multiple scenarios. Wardrobe pieces are based on hero items that we go back to time and time again.

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