First and foremost! Please get in touch with us if unclear about any issue regarding caring for your item.

Our products are made with care from high quality materials. Linen is a wonderful natural fabric with many positive properties when cared for and washed correctly.



Firstly, does your item definitely need washing or does it have another wear it in? Wash it when it smells! If you have splashed or dribbled on it, a spot wash is adequate. Gently hand wash the spoilt area with a small amount of detergent and dry it flat - the entire garment doesn't always need a full wash. 


When you know the wash is required, wash your item at 30 degrees machine wash with a non-bio, chemical free, mild detergent - these are gentler on your clothes and gentler on the environment. Wash with similar colours and only wash the whites with other whites to remain white for longer. Do not use bleach on your linen as this will weaken the fibres and can also cause irritation on the skin.

There is no need to dry clean your linen - dry cleaning is very damaging to the environment due to the chemicals used.



As soon as your wash is finished, remove your items and reshape while still damp to prevent any deep creases that can change the shape of your garment. Where you can, dry your items flat or hanging. Tumble drying is not recommended. Try to avoid drying in the direct sun as this can cause fading of colour eventually. A washing line in the shade is ideal.



Linen is naturally a fabric prone to creasing which in the past may have been seen as unsightly. Today, wearers have learnt to love those creases and to embrace this personality trait of linen. We love the natural wrinkles of linen giving it character, softness and a relaxed feel.




Use a medium iron setting on your linen while still damp or dry and press on the reverse side. Make sure your iron is not too hot - best to start with a lower temperature and test a small part to ensure you don't go in and burn your item.



A wonderful characteristic of linen is its natural insect repellent property meaning you don't need to worry about moths. Your linen can be stored folded or hung in a cool dry place.


If you ever lose a button and need a spare, give us a shout and we will send one to you straight away. We do not include them with every purchase because the majority of the time, it would be a waste.